There are over 7,000 Walgreens’ all over the United States in all of the 50 states. We see one at almost every stoplight on every corner. They all look much like this one, almost like a friendly familiar face.Image

But, why is it that every time I walk in, I’m more confused than when I walk into a Wal-mart jumbo supercenter? I feel as though there are a few issues with the layout of each store. (http://realtmo.com/28/walgreens-nnn-for-sale/ this link takes you to the photo above).

  •  Number one, they try to put many of the sales, new, or hot-selling items all in the front of the store. It confuses me when I’m trying to figure out what direction to go in. When I’m looking for the pharmacy, all I see are “as seen on TV” items and the photo center on one of the sides. The one thing that I don’t see, that I need, is a sign telling me which way to go to get to the pharmacy. Luckily, for some of the stores, I had been there multiple times in the past. Unfortunately, I can never seem to make it to the back in time before the pharmacy closes. I always find myself lost in the world of new nail polishes and buy one get one half off foundations. To the left there is usually every different kind of brand of make-up and to the right you may find different lotions and razors and shampoos and hair brushes. Straight ahead, if you make it through all of the items, you can see a light at the end of the tunnel and make it to pick up your prescription.
  •  The next aisle over could be anything from car deodorant to pretzels and hair strengtheners.  I think they may have trouble organizing the aisles while trying to keep things interesting and up to date. If there is a hot new car cleaning liquid, they want it to be seen but not in random spot. For the most part, the aisles tend to stay the same, so finding the perfect promotion plate can be difficult. 



If you look closely in this picture, you can see picture frames and perfumes right next to each other.  (http://www.plano-coudon.com/projects/walgreens.php this link takes you to the photo above).

  •  I feel that the architecture within Walgreens is possibilistic. The aisles don’t lead you to any path way and don’t make you go in a specific direction. Personally they don’t make any sense to me, so I tend to find myself possibly spending hours just trying to find what I need or what I may need later. Wal-Mart supercenter to me is easier to navigate because of the big signs at the top and the way the architecture is laid out. When you go through the big area in the middle with the clothes, no matter which side you come out on you’ll either run into shoes, clothes hampers, or clothes hangers. Everything tends to lead into each other. In a place as big as that, the promotional items can be put in the front of their respective area instead of being all piled together in the front of Walgreens.

Walgreens may want to rethink their layout if they want people to continue to turn to the mini version of Wal-Mart.   



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